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"Art consecrates the murder of a habit; the artist undertakes to twist its neck."

- Jean Cocteau -

The story of PROCESS began in 1997 and ended in 2010. These years were filled with a wide range of emotions. The carefree joy at the beginning, the first shivers felt in the home studio during compositions, the euphoria of the first signed contracts, the pressure before every concert, the laughter during rehearsals, and so many other powerful feelings crossed our paths during this incredible journey that marked each of us for the rest of our lives.


Since the group's end, even today we still see the loyalty and love of our fans through kind comments on our YouTube videos or on online platforms where our albums are sold.


This website re-release is our way of expressing gratitude to them.


Our music will continue to live as long as at least one person continues to listen to it, and that's what matters most.

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